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Advanced Master Key Systems

 What is Master Keying?

Master Keying
is a key system which designates CONTROL to responsible individuals in charge. Many excellent Master key systems have been undermined because of poor planning at the time they were originally set up. It is of outmost importance that the correct level of control be determined at inception. The need for future building or expansion should be of major concern at the start.


For example: A system which at the time seemed adequate for a level four control might be obsolete in two or three years. Because of planned expansion, level five should have been implemented originally. Thus it would be an easy matter to re-designate the original keys & simply go on with the expansion addition.

 Real Money Savings!

The locksmith should be discussing with the prospective customer his future thoughts and apparent needs at length, before rushing off to design the system for his present needs. Knowing the customer's needs will help save money for the customer in the future expansion & deem the Locksmith a true Security Consultant by building consumer confidence.

 Master Keying Diagram
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