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Katzler Locks and Doors provides superb quality service to ensure peace of mind to our customers. At KL & D, you'll find security solutions for all your commercial locksmith and security related needs. We provide commercial locksmith servicescommercial door and lock installations and repairs for local businesses, schools, hospitals and institutions around Clifton, North Jersey and nearby areas.

Katzler Locks and Doors also offers service in security system design. We can integrate different security systems with different levels of physical security that can be monitored, controlled, edited, and programmed from one central command location.


Quality Locks and Doors are the first level of physical security and an important building block of a more complex security system. Doors provide security thru all types of locksexit devices, or locking hardware either mechanical or electronic. Most locks and door hardware need to be serviced at some point by a qualified locksmith. It is important to hire a locksmith whose expertise and qualifications are well suited to service locks, doors, frames, and other hardware that is part of a security system.   Our qualified locksmiths and security professionals pay attention to details and can see the difference between the symptoms of a problem and the underlying cause of the problem, which can potentially save time and money for our clients.


All of our technicians and locksmiths are licensed and factory certified, regularly participate in factory trainings and seminars. Thru our services we offer security survey, consultation, tutorials to end users and preventive maintenance on all of our products we sell and install. We have extensive experience and the expertise in the field of locksmith and security products as well as installation and repair. We pride ourselves on providing quality service to our clients regardless of how small or big the job is.

We have the know-how to work with clients to resolve any customer related issues and answer all questions and concerns regarding service and products. We stand 100% behind our service and products. All security products we sell; locks, doors, door-hardware are commercial grade and industry standards are backed by our warranty. We are only a phone call away whether you need a minor repair or advice on security and locksmith concerns, security survey, even system installation. You and your business can always count on KL&D.

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