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Commercial Locksmith & Security Service


We are offering installations, maintenance & repairs on all types of commercial grade  mechanical or electrified locks, exit devices, automatic door openers and closers. 

Surveillance Camera System Applications


After onside assessment and meeting with a prospective customer we will provide an estimate of a security camera system that is tailored to your needs. We are working closely with our customers during installation to make sure that the work is done right and in a reasonable time frame.

Access Control System & Integration


Choosing the right access control system for your business can save money, increase productivity and last, but not least, provide you with peace of mind and next level of security & safety.

Ask us about our free onsite consultation access control system demo.

Commercial Doors & Installation


We have the expertise to install & repair  interior, exterior, fire exit doors, store fronts, Hercule glass doors and all necessary hardware and locking devises. Proper installation or necessary repair is as important as having the right type of door and hardware before any access control system can be considered for the future. 

Master Key System Design


We are the one of very few locksmiths that truly understand advanced Master Key System and able to design and implement a properly functioning system from a few keys to several hundreds. 

We are also able to decode most systems where pining charts, keys or administrative info is missing, potentially saving money for not needing to design a new system from the bottom up.

About us


We are a small group of like minded and dedicated professionals with one common goal, to provide excellent service and flawless products. We are standing behind our workmanship and merchandise we install and or sell you in our online store. 

Primus® XP Security Upgrade

Primus XP is Schlage’s high security sidebar cylinder mechanism that brings an added level of security and control to any format of Schlage cylinder.

Aside from thwarting unauthorized key duplication, the Primus features also makes the cylinder pick-resistant. There are nine different levels of security available with Primus, making it a perfect fit for any application needing additional security.


aptiQ/XceedID to Schlage Rebrand Video

Schlage smart credentials offer a wide range of storage options and are available in a variety of form factors to fit any facility or business need, including ISO style cards, clamshell 

cards, wristbands, key-fobs and adhesive patches.


Advanced Master Key Systems

What is Master Keying?

Master Keying is a key system which designates CONTROL to responsible individuals in charge. Many excellent Master key systems have been undermined because of poor planning at the time they were originally set up. It is of outmost importance that the correct level of control be determined at inception. The need for future building or expansion should be of major concern at the start.


For example: A system which at the time seemed adequate for a level four control might be obsolete in two or three years. Because of planned expansion, level five should have been implemented originally. Thus it would be an easy matter to re-designate the original keys & simply go on with the expansion addition.

Real Money Savings!

The locksmith should be discussing with the prospective customer his future thoughts and apparent needs at length, before rushing off to design the system for his present needs. Knowing the customer's needs will help save money for the customer in the future expansion & deem the Locksmith a true Security Consultant by building consumer confidence.

Safe & Vault Service

We are providing service of all types of Safes & Vaults to our customers from advice on security and products to changing combinations, repairing combination locks, time clocks, safe doors and hinges, installations of a variety of safes.


Emergency safe opening procedures in most cases without compromising the integrity of the safe or vault. We have a large selections of fire/burglar proof safes. We're providing opening of safe-deposit boxes with or without of notary. Also selling servicing and repairing Diebold, Lefubre, S&G, Yale & other safe-deposit locks.